Three Advantages of Online Recruitment Software

The internet is now the preferred method of recruitment.

Here are the three main reasons why this is the case:

1. Cost-effectiveness – Online recruitment software is cheaper for businesses wishing to attract the right staff, pure and simply – using a recruitment agency to find staff could set a company back anywhere between £4,500 and £12,500 depending on the level of importance of the vacant position within the company.

To advertise in a national newspaper costs even more, with a simple quarter-page advertisement setting you back around £30,000!

Recruiting online on the other hand can cost as little as £200, which is about the same as a local newspaper, yet the former has the advantage of potentially being far more wide-reaching in terms of its audience.

Online Recruitment Software

2. Practicality  – This goes hand in with cost-effectiveness, but is worth mentioning on its own terms.

Recruiting online through software enables potential candidates to be screened and their suitability assessed without the need for face-to-face interviews, which is a massive time-saver, as is the way in the electronic process cuts down the need for paper filing.

There are already millions of CVs available to view online and it is therefore possible to find the perfect candidate, saving time without spending a penny.

3. Greater audience

Not only can businesses reach a massive – possibly global – audience to recruit, but there are online websites dedicated to specific niches that means that you can target potential applicants with very specific skills.

There are now job applications available for those using smartphones and tablet computers, and social media has become a great way to find staff.

The fact that 70% of people prefer to search online also illustrates the huge potential of online recruitment for business.


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