University of Liverpool among institutions seeing rise in admissions

The University of Liverpool is among a number of institutions across the UK that have seen their applicant and admissions numbers rising in the past three years since the introduction of the £9,000 tuition fee in 2012.

There had been fears in the immediate aftermath of these fees being brought in that it would damage the British higher education system in the long run. However, after an initial slump in terms of applicants, the sector has bounced back strongly.

According to the latest data published earlier this month by UCAS, only a very small number of English universities now have a smaller number of UK and EU students than they did before tuition fees were brought in.

The report said that many universities saw their core intake fall by as much as 20 per cent back in 2012 when tuition fees rose. However, this has now rebounded, and in the past year there has been a rise in student admissions amounting to some 14,000, taking the total for the year to 447,450, which represented a 3.2 per cent annual rise.

Among those universities that saw increases in admissions this year were a number of Russell Group institutions, chief among which was the University of Liverpool. recruited 525 more UK and EU students than it did the previous year as well as 900 more than in 2012. In fact, so successful has Liverpool been that its intake of 4,415 this year is now higher than in 2011, before tuition fees came into play.

A large increase in the number of students coming into Liverpool’s main university like this means investors in the student property market will enjoy a sustained level of demand and a far stronger chance of making good returns.

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