New Student Loan Regulations

The government has recently announced an overhaul of university tuition fees, but with so much to consider in terms of finances, it’s no wonder that confusion abounds among students or soon-to-be students.

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Tuition fees have now risen to £9,000 a year, and it is estimated that over the course of three years – a period which constitutes the time taken to complete most degree courses –you will have spent between £53,000 and £60,000. These figures include not only tuition fees, but also food, accommodation and leisure time.

Student Loan

The Student Loans Company will automatically pay your tuition fees, and you will not have to pay anything back until you start earning a minimum of £21,000 a year. In the past, that figure used to be £15,795 and above, but changes in the amount students are now charged in tuition fees has prompted has change.
Budgeting – be realistic and be prudent

The changes in tuition fees make it more important than ever for students to budget in order to make sure they can afford everything that goes into making university life so expensive.

From rent to the weekly shopping, from paying the bills to keeping enough saved up in case you need to enlist companies like Best Custom Essay to help out with assignments, make a note of all your outgoings to ensure you can meet them in order to stay out of debts.

Another useful tip for current or future students in terms of the recommended reading list is to only spend money on books that you will actually refer to on a regular basis. Borrow other reading material from the library to save money.


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