An Insight into Augmented Reality Print

Augmented reality is a live view of real-world environment, the elements of which are either augmented or supplemented through computer-generated sensory inputs – for example, video, graphics, sound or GPS data. It is more correlated with mediated reality in which, views of real-life components are modified or reduced instead of being augmented through computer. The AR experts develop such apps which are able to successfully enhance the viewers’ current perception about reality.

Augmented reality is in stark contrast with virtual reality which makes a simulated presentation of the real world. By contrast, augmented reality is real-time based and more logical in context with environmental elements. With application of more advanced AR – to be specific, through computer vision and object recognition technology – information about environment and other objects can be presented as more digitally interactive and manipulative. What is more, you can get augmented reality print outs apart from viewing the superimposed virtual elements only on the screen.

AR finds innovative use in different fields of industry, including video marketing and integrated prints. By making an intelligent use of AR, the marketers can allow the intending buyers to have a clear inside view of product packaging without opening it in reality. This leaves a greater influence on the buyers’ community and also helps them make an educated choice in regards to buying or not. AR apps can also assist you in selecting an item from the product profile or a kiosk. Images obtained through augmented reality print or scanning also offer a glimpse of additional contents such as images and customization options about the products in question.

Certain ‘trigger’ images can be applied to design printed marketing materials. These, when scanned by an AR-supported image recognition app, set in motion the video version of promotional stuff. The process should not be confused with plain image recognition as augmented reality allows you to simultaneously overlay on the view screen, including in-page audio, video and 3D objects as well as social media share buttons. Augmented reality print option connects itself to various kinds of media.

AR system is also able to interpret foreign texts on menus and signs. The same is also capable of redisplaying the text in a user’s language, based on his augmented view. Through AR apps, foreign languages can be displayed or translated as printed subtitles and in a user’s view. AR is the backbone of future print media which is on its way to revolution through a brilliant use of more advanced 3D graphics.


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